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Does the end for the character have to mean the end for his portrayer?

We knew that General Hospital was getting rid of the character of Nikolas and that Adam Huss had only been brought in to finish out the storyline that had been begun by Marcus Coloma. But a funny thing happened while the substitute was playing the part: The audience started to like him. Like, really like him.

As ThibTalk tweeted, “It had to be hard to come in last-minute, but he killed his scenes as if he has always been Nikolas.”

Added TXRangersBB, “He has chemistry with all the people in Nik’s life, and his presence screams Cassadine/regal.”

But (a) given the fate that befell Nikolas — clunked over the head and stuck in a closet in the stables — it seems unlikely that he will be back, at least anytime soon. Plus, (b) the character was already being well-played by Coloma. (His feelings on his exit here.) And (c) Tyler Christopher has also expressed interest in moving back to Wyndemere. So the deck is stacked pretty highly against Huss continuing in the role.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that he couldn’t continue on with the show. On Twitter, Meeshell suggested that the powers that be “bring Adam Huss back as a new character who looks like Nik and pair him with Liz.”

Kyle White, meanwhile, contemplated the possibility of huss coming in as a recast for Ava’s ex, Griffin, MIA Quartermaine Dillon or Dr. Matt Hunter. It wouldn’t the first time that General Hospital has used the same actor in two roles. Sarah Joy Brown not only originated the role of Carly but the role of Claudia, too. Tamara Braun returned as Kim after her run as Carly.

Hey, no sleepin’ on the job!

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At this point, we can scarcely count the number of characters that have been played by Roger Howarth and Michael Easton, currently Austin and Finn.

Any way you slice it, Huss has done a terrific job filling in for the soap’s regular Nikolas. He’s been so good that he’s been added to our newly expanded list of daytime’s best and worst temporary recasts of all time. See who else got a thumbs-up in the photo gallery below.