Credit: ABC screenshot

The week of February 6 will change the show forever.

Previews don’t get a whole lot tenser than the one that General Hospital has dropped for this week’s episodes. Every time you think your blood pressure can’t get any higher, whoops, there it goes — getting higher still!

In one corner, we have Spencer, sounding more like a Cassadine every second, vowing to grandma Laura that his father will never destroy anyone else. In the other, we have Nikolas, showing up at Wyndemere and inviting himself in — whether Ava likes it or not! To put it mildly, he looks quite ready to destroy someone else!

“Honey, I’m hooom… icidal!”

Credit: ABC screenshot

There is certainly a sign that he does just that, too — or tries — a shot of a bloody hand, presumably Ava’s. With his rage crescendoing, could he have really tried to murder his ex for giving Spencer his “confession” to the shove that left Esme making such a splash? Could she have killed him in self-defense? Or are we seeing a literal red herring?

In an altogether different corner of the canvas, Elizabeth tells Finn that she knows now what she must do: turn herself in. Which would be a fine way to clear her conscience as Nikolas’ coconspirator, sure. But it would also mean the end of her days as a free woman — a tricky proposition as a single mom with three boys at home!

You can watch the latest promo above. Then check out the below photo gallery of the characters likeliest to be killed off in the Wyndemere bloodbath.

Video: YouTube/General Hospital