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The Emmy winner has a bone to pick with his character.

The General Hospital plotline that has had Michael waging war against his adoptive father has led to some great drama — as well as some issues for his portrayer. For instance, Chad Duell observes to Soap Opera Digest that his character “can be a bit of a broken record with how he feels about [Sonny] and Nina and all that kind of stuff.”

The Emmy winner also has questions about Michael going from getting mad to getting even. “I feel like there’s an easier solution to this instead of going down the path of vengeance,” he says. “Normally, people get upset about something at first, then it fades away and they get logical about it.”

Not Michael, though. He’s latched onto his anger, and nothing or no one will pry it out of his hands. “Michael seems to get really upset with Sonny and Nina and stay at that point,” Duell notes, “as opposed to going, ‘You know what? It’s not worth it.’”

michael sonny fight

They look unlikely to hug it out.

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The actor doesn’t feel that going after the godfather of Port Charles is very true to his on-screen counterpart, either. “To try to tear his father’s life apart comes across as malicious and out of character for who Michael has been for so long,” he says. “He’s been a little over the top lately.”

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