Nikolas ava
Credit: ABC screenshot (2)

It’s gonna be no-holds-barred between Nikolas and Ava.

What goes down on General Hospital the week of February 5 promises to shake up the show in a big way. In the wake of Spencer threatening his father with his “confession” to pushing Esme off the parapet, Nikolas rushes to Wyndemere to confront the woman who betrayed him… the woman he loves: Ava.

Needless to say, it does not go well. The showdown — a “volcanic” one, co-headwriter Chris Van Etten tells Soap Opera Digest — gains intensity as Nikolas “throws several revelations in Ava’s face, upending her understanding of his recent behavior and casting her reasoning into doubt. But Nikolas’ next act doesn’t allow her the luxury of second-guessing her decisions.”

Could Nikolas actually get violent with Ava? We know already that Wyndemere is about to be visited by the Grim Reaper. (More on that here.) Could he actually go so far as to murder her? “The confrontation, fueled by love and hate in equal parts, builds in fury,” says Van Etten, “until it detonates with a dire vow and a fateful act that will be felt for years to come.

“Miss it.” He adds, “at your own peril.”

Do you think Nikolas could actually kill Ava? Or, since Marcus Coloma is already gone and Adam Huss is just winding up Nikolas’ storyline, could she kill him in self-defense? Hit the comments with your best guesses, and on your way, review the below photo gallery of all of the characters who could end up dead in the Wyndemere bloodbath. Ava and Nikolas are far from the only characters in danger!