GENERAL HOSPITAL - ABC's "General Hospital" stars Laura Wright as Carly Corinthos. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)
Credit: ABC

“This is now her world.”

During the evening of Thursday, February 2, General Hospital’s Laura Wright (Carly) replied to a tweet about how expensive insulin is and in turn, revealed that her daughter Lauren had been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes back in July 2022. The tweet in question was from California Governor Gavin Newsom, who stated, “Insulin should not be so expensive. California is going to create its own insulin.”

The ABC soap actress agreed and replied, “My daughter was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes so this is now her world and it’s insane how much insulin cost!”

Fans quickly rushed in to tweet the actress with their concerns and well wishes, to which Wright thanked everyone for their kind words and shared, “My daughter is doing really well since her diagnosis — she is 24 and was diagnosed in July thanks to Finola Hughes’ [Anna] rockstar sister-in-law,” then further explained, “Lauren was in London at the time,” before clarifying that “type 1 and type 2 diabetes are not the same.” In fact, in Lauren’s case, Wright stated, “My daughter will always need insulin.”

For those unaware, people with type 1 diabetes have an issue creating insulin, whereas those with type 2 diabetes can create it. However, their bodies are resistant to its efficient use. When this happens, excess sugar (glucose) is left in the bloodstream, which can cause damage to body organs and systems.

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Back in July, Governor Newsom announced The California Plan, which worked to designate $50 million of the state’s budget toward making its own low-cost insulin, plus another $50 million to start construction on a manufacturing facility.

We send Lauren our very best, and if you know or suspect anyone suffering from the chronic disease, please visit the American Diabetes Association for more information.

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