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Credit: Rich Polk/Getty Images for Huntington's Disease Society of America

It’s a movie-worthy romance.

If it seemed a little harsh to kill General Hospital‘s Britt off rather than just send her on her way, well, first off, this is daytime. It doesn’t mean we’ll never see her again! But secondly, Britt’s exit coincided with a major shift in Kelly Thiebaud’s life as the actress moved across the pond to the United Kingdom. Britt stopping in here and there for a visit after leaving would be tricky with an entire ocean (and country) between General Hospital and Thiebaud.

The move, it turns out, was in the works for some time. In fact, if you believe in love, you might say it was all but inevitable since last February! Thiebaud’s shared snippets of her romantic journey here and there, but on February 2nd, she took to her Instagram stories to look back at a year ago, to a time that forever changed her life.

“This time last year,” she wrote, “I was falling in love with someone I’d never met in person. We talked on the phone, video chatted and texted each other every day. We got to know each other before we ever met. Then, on February 16th, 2022, I took a chance on love and flew to London to meet him for the first time. And I’m so glad I did.”

That, apparently, began a long-distance romance that concluded (in the best way possible) just this past December when Thiebaud shared an Instagram post of a trip to Benihana. OK, so the restaurant was probably the least important part of the post, but we couldn’t just ignore those hats!

“Celebrating a year of long distance love, no more,” she wrote with her beau after they were finally united just in time for the holidays.

And while the fans were thrilled with the news, “mom” Kathleen Gati (Obrecht) couldn’t have been happier for her TV daughter. “YIPPEEEEEE,” she replied. “Have a wonderful Christmas and may 2023 bring you both much joy and happiness, as I know it will! Love you and so proud of you!”

We may miss Britt, but we echo the sentiment in wishing Thiebaud and her beau the best in this year! After all, if 2022 was all about finding love, who knows what 2023 may bring?

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