GENERAL HOSPITAL - ABC's "General Hospital" stars Katelyn MacMullen as Willow Tait. (ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)
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But that doesn’t mean Michael should look for a new love!

When it comes to General Hospital, we’ve learned that you should never say never. As in “Oh, they’d never kill Brando and Sasha’s baby.” Or “Oh, they killed Sasha’s baby… surely they wouldn’t kill her husband, too!”

Sometimes, that’s just the way this show rolls.

So we shouldn’t have been surprised when even as Michael and Joss were waving at his new daughter, Willow began muttering incoherently and then flatlined! “Oh, they’d never kill Willow!” we said… only to have a black-clad Harmony emerge from a bright, dare we say heavenly light, arms extended, to tell the patient, “You’re not alone.”

Cue the waterworks!

But maybe hold off on calling the florist to arrange a funeral wreath. Because while General Hospital‘s proven that it’s not afraid to off characters in a shocking manner, we’re fairly sure that Willow will — after a chat with Harmony — turn away from the light and make her way back to the land of the living. Or, given that she’d be the latest in a long line of folks to prove death isn’t as permanent as we’ve always heard, the land of the living dead.

Why? Simple: From a dramatic standpoint, Willow is “worth” more alive than dead. The teacher has a whole lotta issues to work out with her biological mom, Nina, from whom she’s currently (very willingly) estranged.

Willow and Nina argue GH

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The only way that Willow’s dying would make big, explosive drama would be if Nina had turned out to be a bone marrow match… but the discovery were made too late. In that case, all those who were quick to forgive Carly might have second thoughts about that stance. “If you’d come forward with the truth sooner,” they’d shout, “Nina could have saved Willow! But you kept quiet, and as a result, Willow died before she could get the life-saving donation!”

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But seeing as Nina proved not to be a match, there’s far more drama to be had by keeping Willow among the living. In fact, we’d go so far as to suggest that what Willow really needs now is for her supposedly-dead sister Nelle to rise up and convince her they should make Carly pay for everything she’s ever done to their family.

Whether this is the final chapter in Michael and Willow’s love story or simply a new beginning, check out the gallery below reliving every romantic step of their relationship!