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We call foul!

Things took a dire turn on Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital when Willow gave birth… and passed into the light! But they took a turn into the outright bizarre when she ran into the last person we’d have expected waiting for her (well, one of the last) — her adopted mom, Harmony!

Yeah, she may have become a better person towards the end of Willow’s life and may even have died trying to the right thing and tell her about Nina, but Harmony guiding Willow into the afterlife? Some moms are the protective, nurturing den mother types. Harmony was more of the exploitative, cult mother type.

In fact, she was so bad, when Willow finally learned about Nina, we all sat up and took notice when she declared that Nina was an even worse mom to have than Harmony!

Come again? Nina’s worse? Than tried to kill Carly and Alexis, drugged her own daughter in a cult Harmony? Right…

A good chunk of the fans just weren’t having it. Or, as Elizabeth Kerri Mahon put it on Twitter, “I’m hoping that it is leukemia that is messing with her brain, because that makes no sense.”

It turns out, though, that the viewers weren’t alone in thinking Willow was out of bounds.

As Katelyn MacMullen admitted on a recent episode of Soap Opera Digest’s podcast, “I don’t know if I necessarily agree.”

“Obviously,” she noted, “Harmony did some really shady stuff — some really, really awful stuff. But Nina and Willow have just been butting heads now.”

MacMullen was, though, diplomatic as she tried to explain why Willow might say something like that. For one thing, she thinks, it was very much an exaggerated, heat of the moment thing to say. “I don’t know if in the moment she genuinely is like ‘This is a hard fact.’ It’s more of a feeling. ‘Emotionally speaking, this is how it feels to me.’”

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And that feeling was just compounded by so much stuff happening to Willow. You don’t get much more vulnerable and wounded than where she was when learned the truth about Nina.

“Willow is pregnant, hormonal, sick, exhausted and devastated,” Macmullen told Digest in explaining how she saw Willow’s reaction. “When you’re in that place, things feel really, really awful. And to find out that news brings up a lot of emotion. And whether she meant it or not as a fact, I think it was more of a place of just ‘This is emotionally killing me right now.’”

Meant literally or not, though, it was said. And that’s just one more horrible thing that Willow and Nina will have to find their way back from if there’s even a chance at them having a relationship together.

Unless Willow decides to stay with her favorite mommy in the afterlife, Harmony.

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