As a follow up to our recent interview, Lexi Ainsworth (Kristina, GH) called me to share the details of her visit to a local YWCA as part of her research for the teen abuse storyline her character is involved in.

For safety issues regarding the women and their families staying there, she couldn’t share the specifics about the exact location or information on said women, but she did tell me the YWCA she visited is the only shelter for battered women in the state’s [not California as originally reported] largest county, which only has funding to support 53 rooms and 7 apartments.

During her visit, Lexi took a tour of the facilities and heard stories about some of the women. She received materials on abusive relationships and why some women stay in them, learning that on an average, women leave their abusers 7 to 10 times prior to making a permanent break.

Lexi also discovered that in 2006, 24,106 cases of domestic violence were reported in that area alone and that teens are often sent to live there by a parent who fears for their safety when things become too violent.

The YWCA is partially funded by The United Way, but also depends on public donations. Reflecting on her visit, Lexi shared, “I definitely want to make a donation so I can help support them. They’re working at trying to build a new facility, it’s just hard with the economy right now getting funding.”

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– Lori Wilson