Credit: ABC (2)

From the looks of it, a good time was had by all.

You know those workplaces where colleagues barely tolerate one another, if barely? General Hospital doesn’t seem like one of those. Like, at all. Even when the cast isn’t running lines or playing out life-or-death dramas, they often choose to spend time together.

Case in point: On January 30, Chad Duell dropped a festive photo from a night out with three of his co-stars. On hand was Katelyn MacMullen, who of course plays Michael’s boo Willow, as well as Eden McCoy, who plays his sister Josslyn, and her new on-screen significant other, Evan Hofer, aka Dex. “Fun hanging with this crew,” Duell captioned the picture. (Almost needlessly — they were clearly having the kinda blast that lesser blasts look at and go, “Man, I need to step up my game.”)

In response, McCoy told her “bro” that “[I] adore you.” MacMullen cheered, “Woohoo!”

Back in October, Duell & Co. gathered as well, adding even more castmates to the mix.

Nice to see the gang getting to blow off some steam, considering how fraught things are on the show. While Michael and Willow absorb the news that her biological mother is their least favorite person on the planet — Nina — they’re also hoping against hope that she’ll live to raise their unborn baby. Josslyn, having just broken Cameron’s heart in a million pieces, is keeping her fingers crossed that he won’t reveal that she’s now hooking up with Dex. Good luck with that, Joss.

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