Nicholas Alexander Chavez and William Lipton GH
Credit: ABC

Things can get “wild” during a road trip to the Garden State.

We all know the saying, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” but have you ever wondered what happens when two daytime actors find themselves in New Jersey “for less than 12 hours?” Well, on Saturday, January 28, General Hospital’s Nicholas Alexander Chavez (Spencer) and William Lipton (Cameron) took a weekend road trip to the Garden State and gave fans a look into exactly that…

“Will and I have been in New Jersey for less than 12 hours,” Chavez shared, along with a video of the two giving a commentary of their trip. “You know, yous guys really outta come back to Jersey sometime,” Chavez began in with a Jersey accent — sporting some oh-so “wild” hair! “We gotta great state and we’re great on TV.”

“I really enjoyed being there in New Jersey,” Lipton added, with his own spin on the accent, as both actors praised the Rutgers University sports teams then ended their all-in-fun silliness with some giggles.

Fans critiqued their accents and Twitter user CovergirlChase’s assessment was one of the funniest: “LMAO! Being from Jersey I’m both offended and charmed by you and William. Do I sense a third spinoff of General Hospital where you two end up being roommates in Jersey?” And while others thought their accents ranged from New England to Staten Island to Brooklyn, Cynthia Jill stated, “Jersey born and raised. I give this a 10/10.”

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In any case, we’re glad the guys had fun and gave their fans something to chat about, including Daphne Jean, who joked right back with Chavez by saying, “Honey, brush your hair.”

Now that you’ve had a glimpse at Chavez and Lipton being amusing during some downtime from their daytime job, view our gallery below filled with photos of other soap actors and their real-life best friends.