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How could things get any worse? Oh, just wait for it. 

We didn’t exactly get a huge surprise on Thursday’s episode of General Hospital but finding out that Nina was not a donor match for Willow was devastating to both of them. Plus, it swiped Nina’s chance to play hero and win over her daughter right out from under her!

Now, Michael and Willow are running out of time — and options. Judging by yesterday’s preview, testing Wiley may be their next and, as far as they know, final option to find a suitable donor before it’s too late.

But if Willow’s mom isn’t a match, what are the chances that her nephew will be? And if he’s not, that’s it, times probably up. If only she had a sibling out there. They would by far be her best bet. If only…

Oh. Oh, no.

Willow did have a sibling, but she’s dead and gone. Or is she? We have a sinking feeling that General Hospital is setting us up for one killer reveal — and her initials are N.B.

GENERAL HOSPITAL - Episode “15051” – "General Hospital" airs Monday - Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (ABC/Christopher Willard)KATELYN MACMULLEN, CYNTHIA WATROS, CHLOE LANIER

Family reunion time!

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Who else could save Willow at this point but her own sister? And let’s not pretend we haven’t been waiting for this day to come since Nelle first died. No villain has ever stayed dead in Port Charles. Why would Nelle be any different? It was always more of a matter of when than if she would return.

And now, with her dear sister’s life hanging in the balance, the when has all but been answered. The only question that remains is how she’s still alive. Maybe Nina will get a mysterious call from someone who says they can save her daughter… if she plays ball. Maybe Michael will be told he has to decide between Willow and Wiley. In the end, if Nelle does come back to save Willow’s life, you can bet there will be a price to pay.

Carly, Michael, Willow, Nina — heck, if Nelle’s back and set loose once more, it may be one that all of Port Charles will end up paying.

But hey, who knows? Maybe Nelle will come back from her brush with death, a kinder, gentler person, who just wants to help?

As if.

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