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Credit: Bobby Bank/Getty Images

Well, that explains it…

General Hospital fave Parry Shen (Brad) has posted his share of comical social photos and videos over the years, and earlier this week, not only did he show fans what he likes to snack on in between takes but he also revealed where he stores one of his favorite treats, which in turn solved a Port Charles wardrobe mystery.

It all started back in December when the actor shared his new cast portrait of his character with Brad’s aunt Selina. Of the random zipper on his shirt’s left-side pocket, Shen had stated, “Just because I know you’re wondering, I keep Skittles in that ‘lil zippered pocket.”

And in case you didn’t believe him, as a way to kick off this week, on Monday, January 23, the actor, wearing the same shirt, unzipped that mystery zipper and pulled out a handful of Skittles.

“I was not kidding,” Shen said, as he indulged in the sweet snack.

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Fans got a kick of out Shen — once again — and Mary Anne Maida commented under the video that the pocket was a “great place for Skittles” but not for M&Ms then made a good point, “They’ll melt and wardrobe might get pissed,” and Kate Thayer suggested, “You know, this could be a new video series. Each time you where that shirt, you find something different (and delicious) in that pocket.”

Now, that’s an idea — and we’re all for it!

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