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Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

Somehow, it worked.

General Hospital left Kin Shriner scratching his head in bewilderment when the show had Scott pop the question to Liesl last year under the strangest of circumstances. “I thought, ‘What fool would propose to his new girlfriend in front of five women?'” he recalled for Soap Opera Digest. And in that momentous 15,000th episode of the daytime drama, “three of them are his exes!”

It took director Phideaux Xavier to make clear why the scene being played out in front of Laura, Bobbie and Lucy was less of a “Whaaaat?” than a “What a hoot!” He told the General Hospital legend, “‘If he proposes to her in front of all his exes, it’s going to be funnier.’” Team player that Shriner is, “I said, ‘All right.’ So, I made a fool out of myself.”


And, in the end, the MVP wasn’t sorry that he had, either. “I was pleased with it, because I was able to tweak it to make it work,” Shriner told the magazine, “and people seemed to enjoy it, which is always what you hope for.”

Even Liesl seemed to enjoy it… although she turned Scotty down. She might put the lieder in his hosen, but she didn’t need a ring to cement their commitment; she was already his. (Pretty romantic, actually, as rejections go.)

While we can but hope that eventually, Liesl will walk down the aisle toward her perfect match, you can RSVP yes to our photo gallery of soaps’ all-time greatest weddings. It’s got everything you could possibly want… except maybe an open bar and the chicken dance.