Willow is running out of time GH
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Devastating things keep happening in Port Charles.

In General Hospital’s preview for the week of January 23 – 27, is Willow about to get more bad news? Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

Last week, all hell broke loose as Willow, Michael and others found out that Nina was Willow’s biological birth mother. While it may not have been the news Willow and Michael wanted to hear, it was what they needed to potentially save Willow’s life. Nina was tested to see if she was a bone marrow match for Willow and is still waiting on the results.

In the promo for what’s to come, Willow tells Michael she’s scared, while Michael’s ex Sasha tells him they can’t give up hope. However, potentially more bad news could be coming Willow’s way. Michael, by Willow’s side, asks Terry what’s next. The promo asks, “Is Willow running out of time?” Has Terry delivered another blow to Willow’s prognosis?

Across town at the Quartermaine mansion, Olivia asks Drew, “What are you not telling me?” Apparently, Olivia has been left out of the loop on a number of things. Will Drew tell her about Nina, Willow and Carly?

Back at the hospital, Brook Lynn cries to Sasha, “Devastating things keep happening.” Meanwhile, Nina goes from sobbing to rage. Has she found out she’s not a match? By the end of the preview, Willow is shown crying in Michael’s arms.

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Video: General Hospital/Facebook