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Desperate times could force Esme to take desperate action!

There are certain soap tropes which fans can see coming a mile away. When two characters are shown driving separate cars on a rainy night, there’s going to be an accident. When a murder is committed, the police will always arrest the wrong person. And when two women are pregnant at the same time… those babies are gonna be switched.

Now, logic would tell us that in the case of General Hospital‘s Willow and Esme, that can’t possibly be the plan. After all, Willow already has been put through this exact nightmarish scenario thanks to Nelle, who handed her and Michael’s baby over to Brad in exchange for his adopted son, who’d passed away unexpectedly. Only much, much later would the truth come to light, leaving Willow to realize the child she’d given up for adoption hadn’t survived.

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Surely the fates wouldn’t be cruel enough to put Willow that again… would they?

And yet, there sits Esme, pregnant and possibly stricken with amnesia. Whether or not she truly remembers her past, what’s unfolding around her in the present would have to clue the young woman into the fact that several factions of the Cassadine family have their sights set on her unborn child.

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The ideal scenario, from Esme’s point of view? If a paternity test were to prove that the neither Nikolas nor Spencer could stake a claim on her child. So once the bambino has arrived, why not, should the opportunity present itself, stash her child with Michael and Willow long enough for paternity tests to prove “her” child has not a drop of Cassadine blood.

The next step, however, might prove more complicated: Somehow reclaiming her actual child and skipping town without bringing the combined wrath of the Corinthos, Quartermaine and Cassadine clans down upon her!

Of course, if this is really where Esme’s mind is at the moment, it would certainly seem to indicate that — amnesia or not — she’s still the wicked young woman we’ve come to know despite the innocent act she’s been working ever since taking her second plunge from the parapet.

As we ponder the possibility of Michael and Willow’s love facing yet another massive challenge, check out the gallery below in which we look at everything they’ve managed to overcome so far!