GH Rundown for the week of January 18.

Did you see the preview clip for this week? Holy cow am I excited! All the secrets are coming out about Dante/Dominic and it looks like this month’s long story in the making is going to pay off in spectacular fashion.

As for more good stuff, Friday was filled with some great ‘soap’ moments, as Luke and Lucky bonded; Dante yearned to console Lulu, but couldn’t fully be there for her; and best of all, we got two major cliffhangers: Lucky confronted Elizabeth and Nikolas and Michael overheard that Dominic is an undercover cop.

Speaking of the last two story arcs, I tried to get some spoilers out of GH writer Karen Harris about Valentin and Steve, but sadly, she had no info for me (“You’d be surprised how out of the loop we scriptwriters are.”). Although, she did express her love for the character of Steve and her hope that he gets a love interest soon. I took the opportunity to tell her how excited I was about the promo and wondered if she contributed to the fireworks we were about to see. She told me, “We all had a hand. I got a great day in the aftermath, with Sonny searching his soul. I think the reveal is wonderful. I’m also very excited about Lucky going off on Nik and Liz. I had a blast writing that.”

Have I mentioned how I can’t wait to see it all go down?

So moving on to the nitty gritty of last week, I was relieved Patrick made it clear to Lisa that he was happily married to Robin and was no longer the ‘hook up king’. Now if only she will take the hint and back the heck off! I’m really not interested at all in this storyline. Are any of you? I’d love to hear what you all think, especially if you are enjoying it.

Even though I am tired of Lucky’s weepiness, as many of you are as well, Jonathan Jackson did an amazing job in the aftermath of learning about Nikolas and Elizabeth’s affair. From trashing his house, to breaking down, to making snide comments to the cheating couple, to bonding with Luke, actually, especially his bonding with Luke, it was heartfelt, real and truly affecting. Watching all of it play out, I had to wonder if Greg Vaughan could have pulled it off in such a manner. I have to believe it wouldn’t have been as devastating. And how great was Lucky’s last line on Friday when he spat out that Elizabeth didn’t love him, or else she wouldn’t be ‘screwing my brother behind my back’? Good stuff.