GENERAL HOSPITAL - ABC's "General Hospital" stars Brook Kerr as Portia Robinson. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)
Credit: ABC

Whatever happens, at least Portia’s going to look incredible!

Well, if there are any rules we’ve learned from General Hospital — and, indeed, daytime television in general — it’s that drama-free relationships are a surefire death knell for couples, parentage should always be questioned and weddings almost never go off without a hitch. Put all three of those together and we’re pretty sure we’re going to get Portia and Curtis’ rapidly approaching Valentine’s Day wedding!

Fans have been waiting for what seems like ages for Portia to spill her secret and drop the big reveal that Curtis, not Taggert is, in fact, Trina’s dad. Seriously, it feels like the show’s been teasing this forever. And now, with Portia over the moon about this wedding, does anyone really doubt that it’s all going to come to a head during her and Curtis’ nuptials?

We didn’t think so. But whether the wedding ends up being an epic disaster or not, at least one thing we’re sure of is that Portia will be looking downright radiant for the big day!

Brook Kerr Portia GH abcGeneral Hospital’s preview of the Thursday, January 19 episode feature Curtis and Portia approaching Marshall to ask him to be a part of their wedding. And it debuted Brook Kerr’s new ‘do. Check out the before and after!

What do you think? Are you feeling this new look? And are you looking forward to the big day and hoping we finally get the big reveal?

Something’s gotta give, right?

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