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Some folks have some strange ideas.

Well, somehow, Carly seems to have done it again on General Hospital. After months of keeping Nina and Willow’s relationship a secret, the truth came out, tears were spilled and… Willow forgave her? Michael’s still a bit more standoffish, of course, and Nina’s vowed to never forgive, but it looks like Carly may be on the road to redemption. And that’s not sitting well with some very vocal fans with some… curious ideas.

It’s no surprise to ardent General Hospital fans, of course, but viewers who hate Carly, really hate her. Fortunately, after Wednesday’s forgiveness episode, none of the viewers seemed to take a violent turn like what happened with Cynthia Watros and Nina.

But one angry fan did go down the conspiracy rabbit hole, tweeting, “I’ve always said this in the past and will say it again. Frank is no longer in charge of General Hospital, the person who plays Carly, is. Frank has lost control. He is no more than a figurehead now.”

Laura Wright’s response said about all there was to say: “Haaa. Wow, really??”

Though that, of course, was far from the end of the conversation.

Though a great many folks jumped in to call the claim out as ridiculous and defend Wright, there were still a number who kept the false claim going. Fortunately, not all of Carly’s detractors perpetuated the conspiracy, but they still had no problem making their feelings known that they were not happy with Carly skating for her misdeeds. 

That though, may be a bit premature. Willow’s forgiveness is one thing, but there’s still a whole lot of people on the canvas who are ticked with her, and the Sonny/Carly showdown we’re about to get is almost guaranteed to get ugly!

As MichiganMariee put it, “Laura is no more in charge than any of the other many actors on this show. Carly is a love her or hate her character. That’s why she’s popular on the show. Same with Nina and Sonny.”

And that’s about as succinct as anyone could put it! None of the actors dictate story and love her or hate her, Carly gets the viewer’s attention and works up some strong feelings. And that, so long as everyone is respectful of the real people behind the characters and the show, can be a good thing. We all have our favorite characters, and we all have those we just can’t stand.

TomAdler took much that same view when he responded to Wright, tweeting that, “You must be doing one hell of a great job acting if people hate the Carly character so much. Great job!!”

And, as, the actress herself wrote later in the day, “Lots of passion and opinions here!!”

In the end, soap operas, like the rest of the television world, are meant to provide diversion from the real world. That doesn’t always mean agreeing with all the characters or even liking them. But the key is to remember that they are entertainment.

And love Carly or hate her, Wright still appreciates the fans. “We love you all, and we love to entertain you all!”

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