Kelly Thiebaud britt gh
Credit: Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic/Getty Images

The former daytime fave has a plan for what could be next.

General Hospital favorite Kelly Thiebaud sure did leave her mark in daytime having played the straightforward Britt ‘The Britch’ Westmore for a little over a decade. And though she left her role on the ABC soap in order to be closer to her boyfriend, who lives in London, and to look for other career opportunities, Thiebaud recently opened up about what those may entail.

“This year, along with booking more work on TV shows and film, I’m hoping to expand into hosting my own travel, cooking or game show!” the actress shared, along with part of a demo reel she put together. “I hope you like it!”

In the video, as she walked through the streets of Los Angeles, Thiebaud touched base on a couple of her past roles then took viewers on a tour of the place that had been her home for 22 years. Though most people know the familiar sights such as the Hollywood sign and Rodeo Drive, she wanted to show everyone something a little different… the locale side “of this wonderful city.”

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Next, she put on her hosting hat and teased about what was next on her adventure though the City of Angels, and we can tell you that if this had been an already established show, we would’ve been hooked — and watching!

Prior to that, Thiebaud posted a cute photo from a London fruit stand and shared, “New year, new city, new adventures and opportunities but always the same me.”

No matter what the actress’ future holds, we wish her much happiness along the road to success!

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