Willow is fuming mad GH
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Several in Port Charles might get burned by the wildfire that has been unleashed.

In General Hospital’s preview for the week of January 16 – 20, Carly is in the hot seat. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

At the hospital, Michael demands Carly tell him the truth now. Will Michael be understanding, or blast her for putting his wife and unborn child in danger with this secret?

Curtis warns Portia, “Tread lightly!” Portia has made it clear she wants Spencer nowhere near her daughter. He reminded her that Trina is an adult and respects boundaries.

Esme, Nikolas and Liz’s faces flash across the screen, and Austin attacks his cuz Mason. What has Mason asked Austin to do now?

In previews aired last Friday for the week, we know Spencer meets with Diane and wants neither Nikolas nor Esme to raise this child. Diane warns Spencer once this wildfire is lit, it’s going to rage.

Finally, Willow is shown staring at Nina with hatred painted across her face, and Sonny confronts Carly in the chapel. We gather he’s going to have a lot to say to his ex-wife.

And while Nina is determined no matter what Willow’s reaction to save her other daughter’s life, we still don’t know yet if Nina will be a bone marrow match. However, Wiley or Dr. Obrecht are also potential candidates to match. Which one do you think, if any, will be the one to save Willow’s life?

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