Credit: ABC

Extremely “Sonny” days may lie ahead.

At this point, Maurice Benard’s name is all but synonymous with State of Mind, the YouTube series in which he and his guests discuss everything under the sun… but mainly mental-health issues. So it probably wasn’t a surprise to the General Hospital star that a fan suggested that he’d be “the next person that gets his own talk show on ABC… ”

Though the soap keeps Benard hopping as Sonny, the mobster around whom more action centers than the hospital, he was open to the idea. “That’s interesting. I get asked that a lot,” he tweeted back, adding that it might be an appealing prospect “as long as it doesn’t take away from the vibe I get in the State of Mind room.”

Behind the mic, Benard is so at-home, he might as well be standing on a welcome mat. And since the series is his and his alone, he calls the shots. If he wants to follow a conversation in one direction instead of another, he can. If he wants to have on a guest who has never done a daytime drama, that’s entirely his call.

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At the end of the day, State of Mind is Benard’s baby — and one that he’s happy to share with his followers. “I love having the little show with a big heart,” he concluded.

Review the Emmy winner’s storied history as the dimpled don in our below photo gallery that tells the character’s whole wild life story.