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It’s gotta be hard to come down after all that buildup!

Finally. It finally happened. General Hospital at last painted Carly into a corner that was such a tight squeeze that she had no choice but to confess to Nina that she’d had twins, one of whom (hey, Willow!) was still alive.

As you’d hope, the scenes in which Carly was forced to come clean to the woman who stole her husband were intense with a capital I. The characters, after all, can’t be trusted to be in the same room together with a slapfest erupting. (You can re-watch the face-off below.)

In the aftermath, Cynthia Watros, the Emmy winner who plays Nina, took to Twitter to send a message first and foremost to the audience. “Thank you for watching today,” she wrote.

The actress then went on to give shout-outs to the co-stars who have been in the trenches with her: fellow Emmy winners Laura Wright (Carly) and Maurice Benard (Sonny), and Katelyn MacMullen (Willow), who should probably start clearing shelf space for a statuette of her own. “A huge thank-you to Laura, Katie and Moe,” Watros tweeted. “This was a challenging, emotional week.”

But it sure paid off, in electric performances and a turning point that was worth the wait. Before you bop along to read another article, check out the below photo gallery, a retelling of Nina’s absolutely bonkers life story, from the coma to Nixon Falls and beyond.