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And this is why the ABC soap actress is a Daytime Emmy Award winner.

It’s been months — and months — since General Hospital’s Carly learned the truth, that Nina was Willow’s mother. And now, after doing her damnedest to keep Harmony’s deathbed secret, including heading off Drew’s attempts at uncovering the truth at every turn, she finally revealed the big paternity secret.

Drew may be furious with his new girlfriend for her deception but some of the actress’ fans made it clear that her latest storyline is exactly why they love her.

Drew upset with Carly GH

One of Wright’s Twitter followers stated, “Carly is best when she’s manipulative and does the wrong thing! Never tame her, General Hospital,” to which the ABC soap vet responded with a big “Yes!!!!”

Other fans echoed the sentiment, including Rhea, who shared, “This is why I fell in love with Carly from the first time I saw you and Jason in a scene. You were trying to recruit him into keeping a secret from Sonny and Jax. Didn’t know the character or her history but we instantly clicked,” and Better Today added, “Ms. Lady you did some acting today! Carly is about to get it! Michael is gonna read her for fifth and I can’t wait!”

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However, there were others who prefer her non-manipulative ways and others yet who fell in between, like Lvly, who stated, “Agree, I love her both ways,” and Jackie Gunn, who shared, “I do enjoy Carly’s manipulative side but I also love the growth the character has had. She just has a lot of grey areas not black and white.”

And no matter what, Wright is thankful for all of her fans and expressed, “Thank you guys for all the love from today episode — oh we are just getting started!”

One thing we can all agree on is the “you know what” is going to hit the fan when word spreads of what Carly’s done this time — and we’re here for it!

Look through the 2023 General Hospital cast photos in our gallery below then let us know in the comment section who you think will be the angriest with Carly and who will show her a little understanding.