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What happens next will change several lives forever!

For months, General Hospital‘s Carly has been telling one lie after another in an effort to prevent anyone from finding out that Nina is Willow’s biological mother. But now, it looks as if both lives and relationships will be on the line as Nina discovers a shocking secret which could change everything.

Hard as it is to believe, it was actually Britt’s tragic demise which set the stage for the huge drama to come. Why? Because in the wake of her death, a grieving Liesl packed up her daughter’s office… including a few medical files which definitely should not be floating around out there! This led to Sonny and Nina going through the box of Britt’s belongings and getting one heck of a shock when they found Willow’s medical chart.

“It says that she has leukemia and that it’s stage 4, and that she didn’t start chemo until a couple of months after she found out,” Cynthia Watros (Nina) told Soap Opera Digest. Needless to say, Nina is stunned by the news. And although she and Willow have been at odds for ages, this certainly is not something Nina would ever wish on anyone… let alone Wiley’s mom!

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In fact, Watros admits, “Nina feels a little shame about how she’s been treating Willow.” But Nina being Nina, she finds a way to make a bad situation worse by getting it into her head that somehow, Willow putting off treatment was all Michael’s fault.

Of course, the real secret has yet to be uncovered… and it’s one hell of a doozy. Given how badly Nina’s feeling about how things have played out, it’s not hard to imagine her deciding to find out if she and Willow might possibly be genetic matches so the younger woman can finally get that much needed bone marrow transplant. From there, it’s just a hop, skip and a jump to the pieces falling into place and the truth about their familial ties coming to light.

Which means… time is definitely running out where Carly’s ability to keep things under wraps is concerned. How will Michael react to the fact that his mom sat on information which could prove key to saving Willow’s life? And what of Drew, who has been falling hard for Carly even as she’s put one roadblock after another in his way. Something tells us he won’t react well to having been lied to.

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Ironically, the odds are that once everyone in Port Charles finds out what Carly’s done, we’ll witness the ultimate role reversal. Why? Because Nina — who’s been something of a pariah since hooking up with Sonny — will suddenly be seen in a much more sympathetic light. After all, she will go from being the woman who stole Sonny from Carly to the woman whom Carly kept away from her pregnant, dying daughter. And it seems safe to assume that this will push Carly and Sonny further apart than ever, perhaps forever ending any and all thoughts of them reuniting!

What comes next could be a life-changing moment for Carly… right up there with the ones listed in the gallery below.