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We couldn’t be happier for him!

With every new year, it seems, there comes a slew of new resolutions and goals. 2023, we’re sure, is no different for many folks. In recent years, it seems, Dry January has been catching on like wildfire, giving people the chance to start their years by taking a month-long break from alcohol. But when it comes to General Hospital alum Bryan Craig (ex-Morgan), the year started off with hitting a milestone.

Actually, the last couple months have seemed pretty great. The Good Trouble actor ended November celebrating the birthday of his “baby angel love mama lady girlfriend wifey,” Daniela Lopez Osorio with a sweet post to his love and a slew of fun and adorable photos celebrating their time together.

The happy couple reached one year together this past summer, but it was another another incredible milestone of a bit more personal nature that Craig marked just this past week.

On January 8, Craig took to his Instagram stories to mark “30 days sober,” and he couldn’t have been more excited to share the news!

“Everyone has their own definitions of accomplishments,” he wrote. “This was a big one for me. I’ve never felt more clear minded, healthy, energized and motivated than I do right now. It may be a big ole’ cliché, but a true one at that.”

Whereas other folks were just getting warmed up to their resolutions and life changes, Craig was already happily on his way towards a new future. Dry January tends to be just a temporary blip for a lot of folks, but not, it seems, for him.

“Best way I’ve ever gone into a new year,” the actor continued, “and excited for the continued positive effects this decision creates. Thank you so much for the support from the people closest to me. You know who you are. Big love.”

And while we don’t get to see replies to Instagram stories in the same way we do with Instagram posts, Craig clearly received an outpouring of support as he wrote on his next story, “Thank you to everyone who reached out to say something nice. Greatly appreciated.”

We wish him only the best on this new journey and couldn’t be prouder that he’s decided to make such a big change — and that he’s happier and more motivated than ever!

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