Carly Caught In Lies GH
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Drew discovers he’s been deceived by the one person he thought he could trust.

In General Hospital’s preview for the week of January 9 – 13, secrets will be revealed. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

Last week Willow received a miracle call from Terry. While the results of her chemo weren’t in, she had matched with someone on the donor registry. A tearful Willow exclaimed, “I’m going to live!” However, in the latest promo, Terry has bad news for Willow and Michael. Is the match no longer viable? Or are the results of her chemo not what they hoped?

With the news exploding that Nikolas was the father of Esme’s child, it’s no wonder Laura tells Liz that she is very worried right now. Meanwhile, Dante shows up to search Wyndemere. Nikolas had better hope Demetrius did a damn good job in cleaning up any signs that Esme was there.

Drew accuses Carly of lying to him again, and the announcer teases, “All will be revealed.” Nina is shown confronting a crying Willow, and later Sonny and Nina are in the hospital chapel when Carly enters. Is Carly finally about to confess that Nina is Willow’s mom? If so, will it be in time to save Willow’s life?

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Video: General Hospital/Facebook