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If only they’d had more time…

Whenever a beloved character leaves the canvas, we’re always left with the “what could’ve beens” and in the case of General Hospital’s Britt, her portrayer, Kelly Thiebaud reflected on a few missed opportunities of her own. In a recent interview with Soap Opera Digest, the former ABC soap actress talked about the special friendships Britt shared with a few Port Charles residents and one she wished would have had more time to grow…

Of course, fans always loved it when Britt and her BFF Brad spent time together, despite the backlash from his aunt Selina, and of the actor who fills the role, Thiebaud expressed, “I’m so glad the show highlighted the Britt/Brad relationship throughout the years and gave me this beautiful best friend.” She also talked about how much admiration she has for Parry Shen. “I just love him and I think he’s a shining star.”

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In addition, we watched as Britt and Maxie grew close and though Thiebaud touched about how “fun” and “alive” Kirsten Storms was in their scenes, she revealed that when the cameras stopped rolling they had some really “great conversations” too.

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However, it was the recent friendship between Britt and Austin that had the actress reflecting on what could have been — and how “unexpected” the bond was for her and Roger Howarth. “We just floated off of each other really easily and I had a blast working with him,” she shared and admitted that if she had stayed on the soap, she would have loved to have had Britt and Austin paired up together. “I think it could have been a beautiful story, a friendship that turned into a love story.”

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We can all agree that Britt deserved a real love story, considering the chemistry between her and Jason and the loss she felt when he’d been pronounced dead. And now that Britt is gone, we sadly won’t be able to see any future developments, but for those who believe that Jason has truly passed on as well, then in the end Britt may have gotten a little bit of a happily ever after in the great beyond.

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