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The timing has never been right for these star-crossed lovers and now there’s no time to waste…

Viewers may know that Heather is the murderer behind the hook but there are still many who believe that Esme has been running around Port Charles slashing her victims one by one. With Ryan demanding that Heather come clean, and Esme sitting in a hospital bed pregnant and claiming to have amnesia, Spencer wants nothing more than to get to the truth in order to take this killer off the streets for good.

In the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, Nicholas Chavez previews what’s ahead for his character, as well as Spencer’s fear of losing Trina forever… After a conversation with his grandmother, where Laura relays doubts that Esme couldn’t be the killer, due to how far along she is in the pregnancy, Spencer plans to put his ex to the test to see if she’s faking the amnesia.

Esme gets shocking visitors GH

It’s bad enough that Spencer knows his dad fathered Esme’s baby, which adds to the horrible rift between him and Nikolas, but the idea that Esme isn’t the hook, and the person is still out there, terrifies Spencer.

“All the people who have died are in some way connected to Trina,” Chavez stated, “and because Spencer loves Trina he wants to do everything he can to protect her.”

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So, upon entering her hospital room, he’s dead set — pun intended — on figuring out if Esme is lying about her memory loss. Spencer begins to ask questions to determine if Esme has in fact lost her memory but Chavez reiterated, “Of course, I don’t think he thinks it’s for real! But he wants to figure out a way to use what she is claiming to his advantage.”

Spencer and Trina almost kiss GH

Whether or not Spencer succeeds, well, you’ll have to watch to find out, but one thing is for sure, now that he has Trina back in his life, there’s no way Spencer wants to lose her again — forever, this time.

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