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Credit: ABC; ABC screenshot

The Daytime Emmy Award-winning actress speaks out on her character’s heartbreaking death.

Yesterday was a sad day for fans of General Hospital’s Kelly Thiebaud, as viewers watched as Britt died in her mother’s arms after being poisoned through a slash from the hook killer. And if you think it was hard to watch those scenes, Thiebaud herself was very hesitate to tune in as well as her crushing exit storyline played out…

“I don’t know if I can watch today’s episode,” Thiebaud tweeted in regards to the Wednesday, January 4, show. And who could blame her after having spent over 10 years playing The Britch, creating the role in September 2012.

Her fans jumped in to reply with tweets about how sad the scenes were and how much they were going to miss seeing Britt in Port Charles. Norman D. Golden II even stated that Thiebaud was “one of the best” and how the Daytime Emmy she won in 2022 for Outstanding Supporting Actress was “well-deserved,” plus, he assured the actress, “Hope you know if you ever come back, we’ll be fine with an unbelievable ‘Britch back from the dead’ storyline. We’ll completely ignore how silly it would be.”

While a lot of the back-from-the-dead storylines in soaps tend to cause mixed reactions from fans, we have to agree with Norman… if that’s the only way we can get Britt back, we’ll take it!

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However, Debbie Lynn Elias, like many fans, thought that “Britt should have just been written off the canvas” so Thiebaud and her character could return. And speaking of Emmys… “Today’s episode is beyond heartbreaking,” Elias continued. “Get your Emmy reel and speech ready, Kelly. You and Kathleen Gati broke my heart with award-worthy turns.”

And for those who are holding out hope that one day we’ll see Thiebaud back on the show, let us remind you that she wouldn’t be the first star to return with the same face but as a new character — Roger Howarth, Michael Easton…

In the meantime, we wish the actress much happiness in what’s to come and invite our readers to look through our photo gallery below featuring General Hospital’s 2023 cast portraits.