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In a shock-filled episode, the truth finally came to light!

We’re about to reveal one of the biggest secrets in recent soap memory, so if you don’t want to know who’s been hooking the residents of Port Charles, you’d best stop reading now.

Seriously, General Hospital fans! This is your final warning before we discuss what went down in the January 3 episode, how we got here and whether or not it actually makes sense.

Thanks to yet another attack on the piers — and seriously, why does anybody hang out there, ever? — we now know that the hook-wielding, hood-wearing killer is none other than… Heather Webber. This time, she attempted to do away with Joss, who was rescued by Britt. Unfortunately, it looks as if in playing the hero, Obrecht’s daughter may have become the latest victim!

BRitt fights the hook off GH

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But the real question is: Does this reveal make sense? Truth be told, it wouldn’t have… until the recent reveal that Heather and Ryan are Esme’s parents. For months, it’s appeared that the killer was doing away with people close to Trina, making Esme the obvious suspect. Thus, the same motive that could be used to incriminate Esme would naturally apply to her mom.

There are, however, a few questions.

For example, why didn’t Heather just do away with Trina? It seems as if that would be a whole lot easier than attacking a whole slew of people, right? Unless, of course, Heather’s goal was to simply make Trina suffer the way she perceived Esme had suffered at the thought of losing Spencer.

Spencer vents to Esme about Courtney at Spring Ridge General Hospital

Then there’s the question of why Diane, who saw the killer’s face, wasn’t able to name Heather — one of the most notorious and recognizable of the town’s residents — as her attacker. They say doctors make the worst patients… do powerhouse lawyers also make the worst witnesses?

Finally, there’s the biggest question of all: How much longer will Heather be able to run around town wielding her poison hook? And might she ultimately find herself targeting the person who hurt Esme the most… Spencer?

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