Does Joss die GH?
Credit: ABC screenshot

It may be New Year’s Day in Port Charles, but there is still a killer on the loose.

In General Hospital’s preview for the week of January 2 – 6, the hook killer strikes again. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

Carly and Drew steal a moment to ring in the new year together privately on the pier. They still can’t take their relationship public out of fear of the SEC coming after them for insider trading.

At the station, Dante vents about the string of murders he’s trying to solve — and he needs answers.

Liz is shown on the phone trying to call someone and turns around to find Nikolas standing there. What was she calling him for, and more importantly, how will she take the news he has to give her about Esme’s latest swan dive from the Wyndemere parapet?

Laura has grown increasingly concerned about Victor’s hold over her son, and now she’s learned he has temporary custody of Spencer per his early prison release. She decides to turn to the one person who may have answers and asks Ava what it is that Victor has on her son. Laura already knows about the big Liz-affair lie, so will Ava tell her about the Esme tryst?

At the hospital, Sonny tells Nina something that has her stunned and she rushes out of the office they’re in. And on the pier, the hook killer rushes straight for Joss!

Read the General Hospital spoilers to find out who Liz turns to for help.

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Video: General Hospital/Facebook