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One thing General Hospital wasn’t in 2022? Boring!

Right out of the gate, General Hospital stunned viewers at the beginning of 2022 with Tracy Quartermaine’s return and news that Luke had been tragically killed in a cable car accident in Vienna. Of course, no one believed it was an accident, even the viewers. It launched a year-long storyline to bring Victor to justice for Luke’s death, and figure out what his ultimate plan was. Victor’s been spouting for over a year now something big is coming, and we’re still sitting here waiting for it to arrive.

One death that thrilled viewers was Peter August’s, which was years overdue. Faison’s spawn had terrorized Port Charles and the audience for far too long. However, his death was underwhelming, being clubbed over the head and left to die in the snow. The show missed the mark to craft a “Who killed Peter?” storyline because the number of possible suspects would have been staggering.

‘Sprina’ fans already despised Spencer’s girlfriend Esme, because she derailed what was developing between the duo. However, when she framed Trina for filming Cam and Joss’ first time making love and then causing it to go viral on social media, she became the new Nelle Benson in many viewers’ eyes. And though Trina was exonerated, the damage to ‘Sprina’ is still there, and Esme has yet to be made to pay.

It’s a ‘Sprina’ Snowmance! (ABC)

‘Carson’ fans were heartbroken when their favorite couple once again divorced. Sonny found himself conflicted between his feelings as Sonny for Carly, and “Mike” for Nina. When Carly found him in bed with Nina, well that was it. Though Sonny had thought their marriage was over at that point to be fair, he was unaware Carly was on her way to try and work things out with him when she walked in on them in the act. Sonny and Nina’s relationship also caused a rift between him and his son Michael, who disowned his father and vowed to destroy and send Sonny to jail.

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The worst storyline of the year sadly went to Elizabeth, who began 2022 apparently being haunted by Franco’s ghost. The story moved at the pace of a snail, was sidelined for weeks at a time, and was seemingly rewritten every few months confusing viewers. By the end of the year, the focus had shifted to Elizabeth recalling a trauma from her teenage years involving her father Jeff having an affair with Finn’s late wife Reiko. A fight between Liz and Reiko sent her tumbling down some steps, and Jeff and Elizabeth’s mother Carolyn, played by William R. Moses and Denise Crosby decided to brainwash the memory from Liz’s mind to protect her, but really themselves. The only thing the story accomplished was proving Elizbeth’s reasons for cutting her parents out of her life to be the right decision.

Jeff is Sorry GH

We’re not sure what was worse, Elizabeth’s year-long nightmare of a story, or her parents. (ABC screenshot)

As if she wasn’t hated enough by the residents of Port Charles and the viewers, the reveal of Esme’s birth parents delivered one hell of a surprise twist. Esme had come to discover that none other than serial killer Ryan Chamberlain was her long-lost father, which pretty much explained where she got her psychopathic tendencies from. But by the end of the year, we also learned she was doubly genetically cursed, as her mother was Heather Webber, now played by Alley Mills. That wasn’t the only big maternity reveal this year, as viewers learned Nina had twins, and Willow is her daughter too, along with still dead Nelle. Nobody was really shocked by that reveal, as the audience thought that was where the story was headed long before they decided to make Nelle Nina’s child.

hook Killer reveal GH

Who will the hook kill next? (ABC screenshot)

General Hospital really ramped things up by the end of the year introducing a hook-wielding serial killer, who began targeting people connected to Trina. We still don’t know who it is, only that it’s not the most logical suspect, Esme. The hook killer tragically took Brando Corbin’s life, stunning and even infuriating many viewers. And as the countdown to 2023 begins, the killer is poised to strike again!

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