the hook next victim mashup
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The day of Britt’s birth promises to be the night of someone’s death.

It was nearly 30 years ago in Reality Bites that Winona Ryder said, “Well, I can’t, uh, really define irony, but I know it when I see it.” And it sure looks like we’re about to see it, written in blood, on General Hospital, ’cause The Hook appears to be going to crash Britt’s birthday party.

Less a Whodunit Than a Who’s It Gonna Get Done To!

For months, the killer has made their “point,” whacking one victim (Rory) after another (Brando). And as Britt plans to sneak out of her own bash, starting anew to await the end of her life elsewhere, The Hook is poised to, ahem, execute a different plot.

Anyone at the blowout could be the next casualty, but the smart money is on the guest of honor being hooked before the ball drops. How ironic would it be, right, if poor Britt, on the verge of leaving Port Charles so that she could die without an audience, wound up being struck down before she ever reached the city limits?

Tipsy Britt GH

Better make it a double, Britt.

Credit: ABC screenshot

Aftershocks Galore

If Britt did meet her maker sooner than she anticipated, the shockwaves would be felt far and wide. Cody, grieving what might have been, would join the search for The Hook, perhaps teaming up with Sasha, still mourning Brando, and discover more than the culprit’s identity. (Rebound romance?) Liesl might spin out, reverting to her wicked ways and dropping at Scotty’s feet a moral dilemma: Does he steer his sweetheart back toward the straight and narrow… or take advantage of her return to the dark side to seize control of Port Charles?

Needless to say, Spencer and Trina would be more determined than ever to find the person that they believe is the guilty party: Esme. When they are finally successful, a whole new can of worms would be opened when they discovered that, since she’s been Nikolas’ captive, she couldn’t have committed (at least most of) the crimes.

Do you think Britt’s party will be the last that she ever attends? Hit the comments, and on your way, review all of the latest General Hospital cast changes in the gallery below.