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It’s the moment many have waited for but what’s in store next is anyone’s guess…

“Sprina” fans have been watching and patiently waiting for Spencer and Trina to finally give in to their true feelings on General Hospital. And though she’ll have a tough time navigating the emotional fallout of Rory’s tragic death, could this star-crossed duo finally get a Christmas miracle?

Following his exit, Michael Blake Kruse shared an Instagram post to not only express his thanks but to reach out to “Sprina” fans.

“Many thanks to everyone who has sent me supportive messages in light of Rory Cabrera leaving the General Hospital canvas,” Kruse stated then expressed how much he enjoyed playing the character and valued Rory’s essence. “Yes, he was unsophisticated and naive but at least he was genuine.”

And when it came to Rory’s relationship with Trina, he lamented, “In particular with Trina, he was always sincere and had her best interests at heart. That has to count for something, ‘Sprina’ fans.”

For a while there, many suspected that Rory could be the Hook Killer but even so, viewers couldn’t deny how much the cop appeared to care for Trina from the get-go and in the end, we all watched as he took his dying breath to once again profess his love.

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As for the hook taking Rory as their latest victim, Kruse joked, “Rory was a mediocre cop, at best, but Port Charles isn’t the easiest town to police,” and went on to explain, “He was also equipped with a holster from the 70s, no radio and no bullet proof vest.”

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In all seriousness, the actor took pleasure in working with some “incredible people” and gained a “newfound respect for everyone involved with daytime TV” admitting that “it’s easy to critique but not easy to create.”

While we wait to see what’s in store next for Trina and Spencer, and whether or not Rory’s death will play a part in it, be sure to leave us your Christmas wishes for their future in the comments.

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