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If nothing else, it would be a surprise.

Ever since Marcus Coloma revealed that he would be leaving General Hospital, we’ve been wondering how the show would go on without Nikolas. Spencer’s father is, after all, central to… let’s put it mildly and say a lot of storylines.

But one more than the others seems to open a door for a potential exit for the character. Obviously, Nikolas isn’t going to spirit away Esme to Cassadine Island; the show has yet to even introduce her to Mommie Dearest Heather. And he wouldn’t willingly run out on ex-lover Liz and the cockamamie plot they’ve set in motion. Nor would he want to be far from Ava, the wife he hopes against hope will not be estranged forever.

Liz tends to Esme GH

“Would it kill him to give the room a splash of color?”

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However, there may be some sense to removing Nikolas from Victor’s master plan. Not to viewers, who will miss the character, obviously, but to a certain pot stirrer: Nikolas’ “late” grandmonster, Helena. If she is, as historically been the case, not nearly as dead as we’ve been led to believe, she might want to smack down Victor and prove to him that he is not the biggest, baddest Cassadine around. And what better way to do that than to kidnap Nikolas, thereby removing a key component of his uncle’s scheme?

“No wine for you, Nikolas!”

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Besides sticking it to Victor, such a move by Helena would also allow her to torture Nikolas, who you’ll recall is the likeliest suspect in her poisoning. In captivity, he’d have no chance to control the situation with Esme, no freedom to make inroads with Ava, and son Spencer, unthinkable as it is, would become even more alienated.

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