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Tis the season for family dysfunction.

In General Hospital’s preview for the week of December 19 – 21, not everyone looks to have a Merry Christmas in Port Charles. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

This week’s promo opens with Carly wishing Drew a Merry Christmas, but don’t count on them having one just yet. Over at the Ashford residence, Curtis, along with Portia, Marshall and Joss surprise Trina. Curtis explains they wanted to do something special for her. Is there anything that can be done to cheer Trina up in the wake of Rory’s murder by the hook?

Sonny, Nina, Sasha, Dante and Sam, along with others, enjoy the festivities in Rice Plaza. Nina has tasked Sasha with leading the decorating committee to try and give her a purpose, seeing she lost Liam this time last year and is still in mourning for Brando.

Also coming up, Dante visits Chase, who is wearing a Santa cap. He tells him that he has some news and he doesn’t think it can wait. Chase was just recently told his appeal to the oversight board was rejected and his career as a cop was over. However, Brook Lynn secretly made a call to someone for help fixing her latest mistake. Has a secret Santa named BLQ been able to deliver Chase the gift he wants most?

Alexis tells Spencer this is the perfect holiday to maximize family dysfunction. Cue the shocked faces of Carly and Drew, and Liz and Nikolas. Carly has been working overtime to keep Drew from learning the truth that Nina is Willow’s mother, though she has no idea how sick Willow is and needs this information. And Liz and Nikolas’ lie that they are expecting is a secret it’s keeping more difficult to keep from, well, everyone.

Finally, Trina gets a visit from Spencer!

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