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OK, now we’re seriously worried!

And just like that, it looks like General Hospital‘s Hook may have claimed another victim — and unwittingly moved a supercouple forward in the process?! How can that be possible?

Well, the Wednesday, December 14 episode ended with Rory heading off on his own to pursue Port Charles’ latest serial killer, only to track the fiend down to an apartment, enter and have the door ominously slam shut behind him! Ending on a cliffhanger like that is a horror trope worthy of a slasher movie, but there are still ways Rory could come out of it alive.

We’d just feel a whole lot better about them if we didn’t already have clues as to what’s coming next!

According to spoilers, by Friday, poor Trina is left absolutely devastated by something that happens. Something like her boyfriend being murdered in cold blood, perhaps? And then there was the preview at the end of today’s episode that had Dante bursting in through the door and Jordan at the hospital calling someone to pick up Trina immediately.

Rory investigates the hook GH

Put it all together and we’re sorry to say, but it doesn’t look good for PCPD’s Officer Cabrera. His death isn’t a certainty, but it would make a boatload of sense because the timing may have been, in at least one way, a gift.

It certainly looked as if Trina was about to dump him now that Spencer’s back. She just admitted to Joss, “I’m drawn to Spencer even though I wish I wasn’t. And I don’t have that same pull with Rory like I wish I did.”

When Josslyn asked if she was going to break up with him, Trina seemed unsure, but did say that “It’s tough. Rory makes me feel good about myself and we definitely have fun when we’re together, but is that enough? Is it even fair… to keep dating him knowing how he feels about me if I know I don’t feel the same way?”

No, it probably isn’t fair — but then neither is his dying! What it would be, though, is a heartbreaking twist that would complicate Trina’s feelings. Ending things would have created a clean break from which to start over with Spencer. But if Rory dies before that happens, Trina’s just as likely to feel an understandable, but misplaced sense of guilt over having wanted to leave him as she is to turn to Spencer for comfort.

It seems almost callous to ask, but we have to: Would this be a good thing or bad for a potential relationship with Spencer?

Time will tell — and hopefully we’ll know Rory’s ultimate fate sooner, rather than later!

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