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Sometimes even the most exciting storylines aren’t what keep viewers tuning in.

Carly has been carrying around a secret on General Hospital for a while now — and it’s a whooper! Though she is the only one who knows that Nina is actually Willow’s biological mother, Carly has no idea that her daughter-in-law has leukemia and is in desperate need of a bone marrow transplant.

Sure, Drew is on the hunt to help track down Willow’s bio mom, but now that he has promised Michael’s wife that he won’t tell anyone, not even Carly, about her cancer, Carly doesn’t have any way of knowing that this news could save Willow’s life.

Don't tell anyone Willow Drew GH

However, all of that aside, what Carly is doing is so wrong on so many levels and now she’s even paid off Denise in order to further cover up the truth. And even with having Nina for a mother, you just wait until Willow, Michael and Drew find out that Carly was playing God by going to such lengths to keep the truth buried, especially knowing that Willow changed her mind and wanted to find her mother.

Denise extorts Carly GH

Yes, all of that drama in Port Charles may be what brings viewers to the screens these days but one fan had another reason for tuning in, as well as an opinion on what Carly’s been up to…

Twitter user clean4uth tagged the ABC soap, as well as Wright, and shared their thoughts, “Don’t really care what Carly is doing. I’m only here for the hair,” to which the actress replied, “OMG. This! XOXOX. Haaaa.”

This hilarious tweet led to other fans coming forward to compliment Carly’s hair with many saying that Wright has the best hair in the business. And while Sandra Monkee is a Carly fan, and loves Wright in the role, she did have an idea as to how the character could save face and at the same time, come forward with the truth: “She could have another DNA test done so it has a current date on it and play it off as if she just found out.”

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Hmm… interesting… Only thing is, Drew knows about the last DNA test so Carly would have to get really creative — and lie some more — if she took that route. Though it’s clear Carly doesn’t have to do anything when it comes to her hair, what do you think she should do next regarding the DNA secret? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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