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Credit: Rich Polk/Getty Images for Brent Shapiro Foundation

The Daytime Emmy Award-winning actor always has room for one more in his big heart.

It’s been four years since General Hospital’s Maurice Benard (Sonny) had to say goodbye to his beloved dog Cain and as most pet owners know, our pups are part of the family and sometimes the pain hurts too much to open our hearts again to another. This started out as the case for Benard but with a little push from his daughter Cassidy, he was able to make room in that big heart of his for one more…

“I didn’t want another dog after Cain died,” the ABC soap vet admitted. “My daughter Cassidy kept sending me pictures of dogs and I would say no, no, no, but I could not pass up Mr. Vito.”

Benard then introduced the world to his new pal Mr. Vito, who he adopted from Roadogs Rescue in Southern California, by sharing a video from the waiting room of the vet’s office.

Though he didn’t think Mr. Vito wanted to be at the doctor’s, and he probably didn’t, seeing the sweet little bulldog giving his new papa those puppy kisses was enough to melt our hearts!

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However, it took a long time for Benard to get to the point of welcoming a new dog after life had thrown him “a curve ball” — more like “a home run” — back in 2018 when he lost his “partner” and “best friend…” his “sweet boy” Cain.

And though Benard will never forget his precious Cain, we can already tell that Mr. Vito will fit into his family very well. And hey, maybe we’ll even get to see his introduction to Buddy the Goat?!

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