Rory investigates the hook GH
Credit: ABC screenshot

The hook killer could be back for more blood.

In General Hospital’s preview for the week of December 12 – 16, the hook may not be who everyone has suspected. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

It’s been several weeks since the hook last attacked Diane, though there was also the attack on Nikolas at Wyndemere. He was sure it was Esme, but she insisted it wasn’t her. Ryan also noted to Jordan that the hook’s letter to The Invader spoke about “me and mine,” and Esme has no one.

Coming up, given the quietness of the killer, Jordan tells Dante, “It’s premature to think the killer is done.” Dante acknowledges, “She’s got to be stopped.”

Spencer is shown somewhere, with a flashlight, looking on edge. Elsewhere, Cam and Joss are stunned by something, while Laura appears concerned, and Liz seems shocked.

As we see the hook once again being raised, as if ready to strike, Ava ponders to Trina, “It could be that Esme is not the hook killer.” Is she going on Ryan’s word, or perhaps has a new person been targeted breaking the hook’s pattern of victims connected to Trina?

In the final moments of the preview, Rory knocks on someone’s door. The door swings open and he peers inside. Moments later Dante is later shown outside the same apartment with his gun drawn.

Who do you think is the next victim, and could it be Rory, who is walking into a trap?

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Video: General Hospital/Facebook