Kelly Thiebaud green dress gh
Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Be prepared to have your heart melt in a million sweet pieces.

By now most know that Kelly Thiebaud will be leaving General Hospital and as viewers watch Britt struggle with her disease and the unknowns of the future, the writing is on the wall that the soap is laying the groundwork for her exit. However, in the real-world, the ABC soap fave couldn’t be happier, healthier and ready for the holidays — with a little help from her pup, or course.

Thiebaud gave Instagram followers a peek at a very special moment with her furbaby Mr. Buttersworth, who happens to have his very own social media page, and posted five photos, taken at Tom’s One Hour Photo & Lab, which specializes in these types of cute shots, to mark the event.

“Our fourth annual holiday photo!” she shared then urged everyone to be sure to look all the way through to the last pic. And we can see why… Each slide contained a different pose and the very last showcased the handsome pup in his glory.

Well, what fun would it be if we only showed you this year’s photos without looking back at the previous three…

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For their third annual photo, Thiebaud expressed, “I’m sure Mr. Buttersworth is smiling on the inside.”

Then, in their second annual pic, dressed in matching sweaters, the soap star previewed what she called, “Your awkward family holiday photo.”

And finally, in 2019 when the tradition began, Thiebaud and Mr. Buttersworth looked dashing in front of the camera.

Could these two get any cuter?!?!

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