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Will Britt’s big party be a to-die-for event? 

This year, General Hospital fans have more than just New Year’s Eve to commemorate on the last day of the year:  it’s Britt Westbourne’s birthday, and the  doc is throwing a blow-out bash to celebrate at one of the swankiest places in town. But will the (Haunted) Stars — see what we did there? — align to make The Britch’s party one she’ll remember for the rest of her life… no matter how little time that may actually entail?

Britt is a Capricorn, and that means she is determined, ambitious, and strong. No wonder she’s the Co-Chief of Staff at GH—any other role would be beneath her. Couple that with a Cap’s desire to live an enviable lifestyle, and you know her party is going to be over the top. She wouldn’t have it any other way. She’ll strive to be the perfect host, putting her limited energy into the party full force. But will she be able to relax and have fun? The stars predict it’ll be a challenge. She’s going to have to let her over-analytical and tendency to try and hide her emotions, and actually allow herself to enjoy her guests.

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And what about the guests? They’re going to have to watch what they say. Capricorns are super sensitive about their reputations under the best of circumstances. They tend to keep their ears pricked in order to make sure that when laughter rings out, it’s not at their expense. (Heaven knows sharp-tongued Britt much prefers to be poking fun as opposed to being poked.

Britt Scott Cody Obrecht at Charlie's GH

“I will show up, daughter… and I’ll bring a date!”

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If Britt really wants to have a last hurrah, maybe she’ll kiss a Cancerian at midnight. (Hmm… anyone know when Cody was born? Or perhaps Austin… ) They’re the emotional, loyal, needy ones that Capricorns love to take care of, even though she really should be taking care of herself. The only catch is that she won’t let that special someone reciprocate and take care of her the way they want to. Capricorns are truly independent creatures and always feel the need to be in charge, even when they should surrender.

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Ultimately, Capricorns take great pride in large gatherings, especially of family and friends. (Okay, sure, Britt doesn’t necessarily have a lot of either, but offer free booze, and plenty of locals will show up!) They love celebrating birthdays and holidays, so why not go for a two-fer? Britt’s got all the right moves to have the party of her dreams, if everyone cooperates and acts as she thinks they should. Of course, this is General Hospital. What year’s going to go out without a bang? Perfect party or no—we’re predicting fireworks. And we don’t just mean explosions in the sky.

Already we know that Britt’s portrayer, Kelly Thiebaud, soon will be exiting the canvas. Check out the gallery below to see who else has checked out… or soon will be!