Victor has plans GH
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Something big is coming.

In General Hospital’s preview for the week of December 5-9, Victor remains a threat, but for how long? Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

For months now, Victor has been plotting and scheming, while at the same time warning his family members a huge threat is coming their way. His plan somehow involved the ice princess, and he was keen on getting the necklace left to Britt by her brother Peter that contained diamonds made from it. However thanks to some trickery by Holly, Robert and Felicia, he thinks the necklace was destroyed in an explosion and Holly is out of commission due to being badly burned.

But don’t count Victor out yet. This week, Mac warns Valentin that his father is going down, and he might not want to be too close when he does. The promo teases, “What does Victor have up his sleeve?”

In Rice Plaza, newly decorated for the holidays, Victor catches up with one of his many associates, Deputy Mayor Ashby, and lets her know that his plans are still alive.

Spencer is shown briefly in Pentonville. It’s doubtful he’s involved with Victor’s plans, especially after just learning from his Uncle Cyrus that Victor tried to have his Grandmother Laura killed, along with Martin. However, Victor may still have his own plans for Spencer.

Dex is shown with Sonny, and Sonny reacts badly to what Dex reveals. Dex’s voice can be heard saying, something big is coming. Sonny is already facing problems from the Pikeman Security Group, which is pretty much demanding to use Sonny’s resources to ship certain goods. Could they be connected to Victor?

Finally, Laura tells Robert that they have got to stop Victor once and for all. This could be the week we finally learn what Victor’s endgame has been all about.

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