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It’s time for a different spin on falling in love! 

As much as we dearly love daytime, we have to admit that there’s a certain familiar formula to many of the stories, especially when it comes to falling in love — and running into problems! General Hospital‘s Chase and Brook Lynn know this and so do, we’re sure, their portrayers. Happy couples are boring couples. The only way they really get to stay together forever is by riding off into the sunset and leaving the show.

Christmas movies — especially of the Hallmark mold — are tailor-made to churn out happy couples. They’ve got their own familiar formulas to follow, and that’s exactly what Josh Swickard leans into with leading lady Jessika Van in the new HBO Max film, A Hollywood Christmas, debuting Thursday, December 1!

The two aren’t in a Christmas movie, they’re filmmakers making a Christmas movie!

Well, OK, technically they are in a holiday movie, but it’s not the one you think since they’re also making one and, well… You know what? Just check out the adorable trailer below! (Who knew we’d get a meta Christmas film?)

Cute, right? Now, we can’t guarantee this is going to end with their characters riding off happily into the sunset, but if we were betting folks, we’d say we know exactly how this is going to end.

And you know what? That’s perfect! As Swickard’s Christopher puts it, a holiday movie is “this warm, comforting safe place that the world gets to live in at Christmas time.”

Sometimes a familiar story formula is a good thing and knowing this will likely end in happiness is part of the charm. And that’s something it looks like this film has in spades!

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