Holly cornered cabin fire GH
Credit: ABC screenshot

Not everyone is going to have a nice Thanksgiving in Port Charles.

In General Hospital’s preview for the week of November 28 – December 2, it’s Thanksgiving, which can mean only one thing for the Quartermaines. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

At the Quartermaines, Olivia, with Ned by her side, tells Leo, “This Thanksgiving is going off exactly according to plan.” Olivia should know better than to say something like that before the holiday is over and the bird is served!

Later, the entire family and guests are outside peering through the kitchen window as they watch a very much alive turkey destroy the table. Apparently, someone made a mistake when ordering this year’s dinner! It looks like once again it will be pizza for the Quartermaines.

Ned notes this holiday is never short of excitement. Sonny and Nina are shown kissing, as are Brook Lynn and Chase. Dante and Sam, and Drew and Carly join in on the romance as well.

Elsewhere, Holly isn’t having much of a holiday as she’s corned in a cabin somewhere. Last week she drugged Robert and stole the necklace containing diamonds from the ice princess for Victor. Whether she delivered it or not remains to be seen.

Outside the cabin, Jordan, Mac and Robert have Holly trapped. Jordan warns Holly this is her last chance when suddenly the cabin goes up in flames!

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Video: General Hospital/YouTube