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Sometimes, ignorance is bliss!

Holly’s in a bit of a tough spot on General Hospital these days, and we don’t just mean with Victor holding Ethan hostage to force her to do his bidding. Robert knows the truth, but he’s still not exactly thrilled with his ex. And there’s a big question-mark over whether the fans will ultimately forgive her for all she’s (reluctantly) done in Victor’s name.

But it’s not the first time Holly, nor Emma Samms have been in this position! In fact, when she first came on, she had something of an uphill battle to fight! In fact, when she was on State of Mind talking to host Maurice Benard (Sonny), she spoke a bit about her early days and why she was brought on to begin with!

“I came in the post-Luke and Laura [era],” she shared, “and they had been trying to another love interest for Tony Geary.”

It… wasn’t going well.

“They tried Demi Moore,” Samms explained. “She was on the show when I started, and that didn’t work out. Janine Turner, but that didn’t work. The audience were not ready, they were not having it. They were not going to accept anyone other than Genie [Francis].”

Samms, though, didn’t realize any of this when she came in. She was a complete newbie when it came to American soaps and General Hospital. Luke and Laura wedding? What wedding?

GENERAL HOSPITAL, (from left): Emma Samms, Anthony Geary, (mid-1980s), 1963-. © ABC / Courtesy Everett Collection

“I was the third attempt to find a love interest for Luke,” she noted, adding that she “didn’t know any of that because I had not watched the show. I didn’t grow up with it because I grew up in England.”

She didn’t even know who Luke and Laura were, she was just thrilled to get the job. But it turns out third time really is the charm because Luke and Holly worked. The fans warmed up to her.

“The characters were together for awhile,” she recalled fondly. “And then it was the classic love triangle. And it was a huge thing, and we did remote shoots in Canada and Texas.”

In fact, it was such a huge thing they ended up having a son together! And now we’re back to him being kidnapped by Victor and Holly returning having to win the fans over again.

Well, she pulled off a miracle forty years ago, so we have no doubt she can do it again!

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