Holly and Robert chat GH
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Diane has a very bad feeling of what’s to come.

In General Hospital’s preview for the week of November 21 – 25, Robert pushes Holly to admit the truth. Read on for the scoop and watch the teaser video.

Last week after Holly turned over the supposed location of Anna’s safe house to Victor, the authorities arrived to find it empty. Robert confronted Holly about the obvious trap she fell into which he set. In the preview for this week, Robert asks Holly what Victor has on her. Her response is, “Not what, who.” Will we finally find out who Victor is holding hostage in order to force Holly to do his bidding?

Sonny and Nina have an encounter with Drew and Carly at the Metro Court. Given Nina’s been tattling left and right about Carly and her family, this probably isn’t going to be a calm conversation.

On the phone, Diane tells someone, “I’ve got a bad feeling about all of this!” Could she be remembering more about the hook’s identity?

Victor tells someone, “One more life means nothing to me.” Who’s life is he threatening now?

Britt loses her temper, throws a plant across her office, and breaks into tears. It would seem the doctor she met with about her Huntington’s Disease must not have had good news for her.

Finally, Robert enters the Metro Court with a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist, as Victor can be heard saying, “You have a lot more to lose,” and Holly looks suspiciously up to something. It would appear Victor has given Holly her next assignment!

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