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Neither had ever seen anything like this before.

Few folks are as loyal and excitable and, let’s be honest, downright rabid as soap fans. That’s not to say that’s a bad thing! It means waves of love and support to fans’ favorite shows, favorite actors and, of course, favorite couples. And even though General Hospital‘s Spencer and Trina haven’t quite made official couple-status yet, they are, as far as “Sprina” fans are concerned, the only endgame that matters.

And now it looks like those fans decided to come together to make sure the show knew just how much Nicholas Alexander Chavez, Tabyana Ali and their beloved “Sprina” means to them — and maybe spur them along in getting these two crazy kids together for real!

So on Thursday, November 17, they hired a plane to fly above ABC studios with a banner trailing behind reading, “Nicholas and Tabyana we love you #Fall4Sprina!”

The show’s own Twitter shared video and photos of the incredible event, writing “The ‘Sprina’ fans truly won the day.”

And yeah, they won it so much, Chavez and Ali were completely floored!

The two actors took the time to film a special thank you to all their fans and the folks who made this happen.

“You guys sent us a plane!” Chavez exclaimed into the camera. “It’s amazing, thank you so much. We are so, so grateful and so glad that we could be a part of this pairing.”

“Thank you for seeing something in us,” a visibly touched Ali added. “We appreciate it.”

And Ali took to Instagram after it was all over to let everyone know just how appreciative she was.

“We have the best fans in the world,” she wrote. “I’m still speechless and can’t find the words to explain how insane this moment was! This is going to be something I will remember forever. Thank you! Thank you! And it was so nice meeting James Lott Jr. and Walker and Perry!! Thank you for sharing and spending time with us.”

She added even more wonderfully wholesome gratitude on her Instagram stories as she shared more of the plane and banner writing, “We’re more than thankful for this moment. Nicholas, our names are on it!”

And with a nod to how this moment will likely live with her for the rest of her life: “New core memory uploaded.”

The whole thing was captured on video from the explanation of what the fans did

The way Chavez gratefully grabs Ali’s hand as they learn how this came about is too sweet for words. As was his quip that, “I never did prom, but this makes up for this” is pure perfection!

Check out the whole thing below. We cannot get enough of this moment! And clearly, neither could they.

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