Lisa LoCicero dad died GH
Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI

“The grief comes in waves.” Daytime star mourns a painful loss and shares a touching message.

General Hospital star Lisa LoCicero (Olivia) took to social media to make a heartbreaking post she had dreaded, admitting, “I’d hoped this moment would never come.”

She then broke the news that her beloved father had passed away: “The best dad a girl could ever hope for passed away as peacefully as he lived his life… surrounded by the love of his family.”

Still processing the painful loss, LoCicero lamented, “It still seems unreal that I am finally a member of this sad club… I’m so old it just felt like I’d go on having a dad forever.”

Others who have experienced the profound loss of a parent were quick to offer support and let the star know what to expect. She shared, “As other members of this club have told me, the grief comes in waves, and it’s not what you expect. Time to grow up a little more, even at my age!”

LoCicero also shared a touching message to her father in the post, and said, “Thank you, dad, for setting the bar high, for protecting me and always showing us how much we were cherished. I will remember you in healthy, smiling years before time took so many of the things you enjoyed.”

She concluded, “Death, like all important things, is as common as dirt and yet completely unbelievable. I’ll always have you with me Dad.”

View LoCicero’s cherished photos of her dad using the arrow in the post below.

Friends, followers, and General Hospital co-stars reached out to LoCicero to express their condolences and support, including Dom Zamprogna (Dante), Laura Wright (Carly), Cameron Mathison (Drew), Jason Thompson (ex-Patrick; Billy, Young & Restless), Finola Hughes (Anna), and Jessica Collins (ex-Avery, Young & Restless; Dinah Lee, Loving/All My Children).

Our hearts go out to Lisa LoCicero and her family at this difficult time.

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